Scott Irwin

Phillips 66

Scott Irwin is Principal Consultant in the Phillips 66 Insurance Department.

He has been involved with the underwriting and administration of captive insurance companies since the mid 1990’s. He joined Kerr-McGee Corporation as a Claims Supervisor Jan 1986 and then moved to Risk Management in 1991. During his 15 year career with Kerr-McGee he was responsible for two captive insurance companies, one domestic and one in Bermuda. He joined Phillips Petroleum Company, now known as ConocoPhillips in Jan 2001 as Director of Insurance, and was involved with the operation and underwriting of the Vermont captive, Sooner Insurance Company until May 1, 2012 when ConocoPhillips spun off the Phillips 66 Company. He now administers the three Phillips 66 captive insurance companies, Spirit Insurance Company, Radius Insurance Company, and SHC Insurance Company, as well as supplying support for all aspects of the Phillips 66 corporate insurance program.

Mr. Irwin graduated from University of Missouri. He has been a licensed claims adjuster in Oklahoma, and has achieved his Associate in Risk Management.