Mission Statement

The Texas Captive Insurance Association exists to serve as an information resource about captive insurance to both members and regulators, to provide networking and marketing opportunities to individuals and organizations involved with captives, and to advocate for state and national policies that encourage the utilization of captive insurance for risk management.

The Association will:

  • Encourage organizations to domicile their captives in the state and promote policies that encourage captives in other states to re-domicile in Texas.
  • Create an organization that can serve as a source of information for captive insurance companies, for organizations and individuals with an interest in the industry and regulators including the Texas Department of Insurance.  The organization, its officers and staff, will provide ongoing, updated information on the captive insurance market in the state, and new state and federal regulations and laws impacting captives.
  • Through regular meetings and communication, build a network of captive insurance entities domiciled in the state to discuss, share and expand opportunities in the captive market as well as other business opportunities through shared values and experiences.
  • Protect the interests of captive entities through an aggressive advocacy program including advocacy efforts in Austin with the legislature and state regulatory officials, as well as in Washington, DC.  Build relationships with key decision makers during the interims between legislative sessions.
  • Create a Political Action Committee to engage in the electoral process in Texas and at the federal level.