Capstone Associated Service, Ltd.
Lance McNeel
1980 Post Oak Rd., Houston, TX 77056
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For over 18 years, Capstone has supported mid-market businesses in the legal and regulatory processes associated with forming their own captive insurance companies in collaboration with lawyers, insurance professionals and certified accountants. Unlike many captive insurance management companies in the industry, Capstone’s turnkey service providers do not disclaim tax and legal support.  We have a proven track record for standing with our clients at every stage.

Hanover Stone Partners, LLC
TxCIA Board Member, Jerry Ferris
260 Madison Ave., 8th Floor, New York, NY 10016
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Hanover Stone Partners, LLC (HSP) provides risk consulting, risk management services and human capital consulting on a global scale through a network of professional, independent Senior Advisors and Partner Firms. HSP offers a wide array of specialized services tailored to the unique needs of organizations of all sizes in the public, private, government and nonprofit sectors. HSP delivers efficient and creative solutions focused on driving down overall cost of risk. Independent and objective, we operate with minimal fixed costs and materially lower overhead in comparison to the larger players in the marketplace. The firm was formed by John J. Kelly, CPCU to address the growing vacuum in professional risk services that has resulted from the convergence of two developments: businesses, government entities and other organizations steadily reducing their internal risk management resources and traditional risk service providers methodically eliminating their consulting capacity and related experience as they gravitate toward transactional business.

Barry Crouch
5900 Southwest Parkway, Austin, TX 78735
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HealthSure is the only Texas risk consulting and insurance agency focused solely on the healthcare industry. In the past 15 years, over 250 healthcare organizations have come to rely on HealthSure to prevent surprises, protect all their assets, and make sure their opportunity to prosper is unimpeded by risk. An unmatched focus on healthcare means HealthSure knows the industry better than anyone else. Through HealthSure’s service models and consultative methods, they seek to know your business better than anyone else.